May 19, 2018

BLEACH finally ushered in a painful ending

In Weekly Shōnen Jump 38, which was released on August 22, 2016, the 15-year-long manga ”BLEACH” has ushered in the final return, compared to the “Naruto” finished two years ago. The end of the attention of “BLEACH” is much lower, “BLEACH” as the one of the “Big Three” long-running shonen manga, with “One Piece”, “Naruto”, three columns of jump’s popular works, ended so quietly.

The level of the author as a cartoonist can be said to be top, high level of hardcore style, and first-class mirror, in the serialization process, the painter and style are constantly improving, and the serialization of the early stage and successive stages of the series has undergone earth-shaking changes. Each role is the same as “cosmetic”.

Of course, the author is not only good at painting style, but also has top-ranking characters. This is also the biggest highlight of “BLEACH”. In “BLEACH”, characters rarely repeat themselves, and almost every character has his/her own personality, and his character is very prominent. Kubo is a very stylish writer. Bleach is sometimes referred to as “Fashion God”. Because the characters’ hairstyles highlight the word of “tidal”, the reader can easily tell from the person’s hairstyle, clothes, minor tricks and inadvertently. The characters are seen in the lines, and the distinctive sword liberation system almost completely matches the character of the owner. What is even more commendable is that “BLEACH” is particularly good at shaping female characters. Every female character has a flesh and soul.

Many characters don’t ever forget even for a glance.

However, as a series of jump comics serialized for 15 years, there are too many hardships in BLEACH.

First of all, as a full-length comic “BLEACH”, there is not been a clear theme, What Ichigo want to do? Is it to protect people around you? Or would you like to become the agent of Soul Reapers, purify all the wraiths?

Second, the worldview of “BLEACH” could have been written very grandly. The beginning of the game is very good. The world, the corpse spirit circle, the virtual circle and the infinity of the people’s appetite for the spirit of the palace, any place can be used to create a lot of branch story. However, the author did not even think about developing it, so world? the corpse spirit circle is the home of Soul Reapers, and the virtual circle is just a piece of desert?

However, Bleach is not very thin only in the worldview, but also the story.

The main line is the same, and the same as the battle plots. It is the turn-based system that readers often spit. The same routine was once used, everyone treat interesting. Most of the readers in the Dead Soul segment were hooked. However, once they were used again and again, the routines were clearly understood by the readers, and they naturally saw no passion. So we often see such comments under the BLEACH Manga update: ” Battle begins, the end of the round, I already know the next story.”

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