May 16, 2018

Homunculi in “Fullmetal Alchemist” – Deep Meaning of “Seven Sins”

The end of “Fullmetal Alchemist” laid another classic in the history of animation. It brings us not only a bloody sensation boiling through stories and characters, but also the profound meaning that deserves our exploration, like the seven sins. Arakawa’s set-up and final arrangements for them are thought-provoking.


“Arrogance” – The prototype of Selim Bradley is a baby that can be picked up by two fingers. As arrogance itself, it is such a manifestation of insignificance and ignorance; the weapon of arrogance is a sharp shadow, just like arrogance itself, it is must be shrouded before you shroud others. The arrogant person is like a baby. He has not yet grown up. He hasn’t really felt what he is. He has not really seen the world, he has been arrogant, and he has looked down on himself, thinking that he already has the property of arrogant. In fact, looking back at yourself, it is just such a “baby”: obviously immature, but he thinks he is mature; he is obviously small, but he thinks he is tall. What about wisdom as the only capital of arrogance? What’s more, real wise men are not arrogant.

According to Arakawa’s teacher, it was Edward who personally returned Selim to his original form. Just as this young boy has grown up with pains and hardships, he has gradually matured and had a powerful arm that can really hold up a sky step by step. He has also stepped out of his own arrogance and journey towards life.


“Jealous” – the archetype of Envy is an ugly bug that will use the contact to expand itself, expand itself to be large, heavy, and even more ugly. The embarrassed people are like this, staring at people who are taller than themselves and who are better than themselves, and want to be extravagant. Envy was able to deform, just as he always conceals himself with various beauty, like a sugar-coated bomb, and will inadvertently wound others and hurt himself; Envy will always speak daggers to other people, just as jealous will lead to bitter and harsh. Envy can become a monster in a flash, as a tiny stimuli, the heart will grow crazy. The embarrassed people thus expanded themselves to their hearts as crazy, and extended themselves to those who had better known many times in their eyes. They really got tall and just become more disgusting. The sly person always thinks that someone else’s beauty will appear on his own, but he does not know how he will change. If he does not give up the jealous heart, he is always an ugly bug.

Envy committed suicide after finally knowing what he really wanted. Just like the elimination of the heart of jealousy, people can only tear their masks and limit themselves to selfishness. Only then can they find that their own jealousy is so funny and miserable that it will be truly free and easy.


“Anger” – King Bradley is the most special of the seven man-made people. He was originally a human being. Life and death, sickness, followed became man-made people. But only “anger” is the new feature after he became a homunculi. Does this imply that anger is not originally personality of people? Just as king was forcibly injected into Philosopher’s Stone, and became a homunculi with powerful power that no one else possessed, anger is a violent and powerful emotion imposed on you by others. King’s battle is fast and accurate. His eyes are as mad as his actions. In order to kill the enemy, even if he does not have a sword-holding arm, he can still bite the dagger with his teeth and draw down the enemy. Like people in anger, they often make unexpected crazy moves, desperately go to hurt others and also hurt their own. King eventually died in battle. Anger caused him to lose his life earlier. Just like anger, he often accelerated the destruction of a person.

King was killed by Dante, Let this person who is always in anger with the country that persecute his people, let the Isabel who has bloody eyes when he was angry kill the “anger” himself. This is the result of his long-lasting anger. From the time he decided to help Edward guard the country, he had already put his anger to an end and he had entered a new realm.


“Greedy” – Greed is the first man to understand what he really wants. He has shared a body with Yao Lin, a human being all the time. It is precisely the manifestation of “greediness” that is the most common and universal characteristic of mankind. His stunt is King Kong body that is unable to destroy, just as greed, or blind greed, often makes people who are obsessed with what they desire become indifferent and hard-nosed, and not invaded by any foreign object. He has been looking for a confidante partner throughout his life, and he has been searching for what he really wants. He walked alone to find the road, although he had not stopped the pace of progress, but because he did not know what he really wants, his road is like the blindness in the direction of the fog, making him deeply uneasy, so constantly greedy With strength, greedy with this unrelated material, to appease the restless hearts temporarily. We are always in confusion, and we are always obsessed with money and power to fill the loss in our hearts. We always look back and find that what we are really looking for probably a confidante, a person who truly understands ourselves, or a real friend. Friends are hard to find and may not be found in the rest of their lives. But perceive itself is already a leap in life. Greed was lucky. In the end he understood and found it. When he stared comfortably at Edward and Yao Lin, he sacrificed himself without any coolness and regrets. When we were fortunate enough to find the confidant, then the greed disappeared. Instead, it was contentment.


“Lazy” – Sloth eventually died in the tireless assault, it is people’s hard work that put him to death. “Laziness” is the fastest man-made person. It is so fast that even the shadows are not be seen, so fast that even he can’t control the direction himself, how can we seize him? Just as lazy cruising in people’s lives is too fast, that we cannot catch it. If we are lucky enough to bump into his tail and reach out, it will slip away again. If this situation continues, we will be tired and tired. We do not want to fight with it and compromise with it. At this time, laziness turned back into a slow and sluggish state, just like the most common state of Sloth. So laziness can only be faster if it is faced with diligence, because diligence is faster than it is, and only when it flees as possible as it can there will be hope for existence. But when people really make up their minds and diligence really becomes serious, the lazy ending can only be caught and killed.

“Pornography” and ” gluttony”

“Pornography” and “gluttony”, that is, Lust and Gluttony, are inseparable from each other. It seems that in reality, these two kinds of material enjoyment are always inseparable. “Lust comes with gratification of hunger,” is that not the case?

“Pornography” – Lust was burned by Marston and he wanted to burn himself, just as the smashing of the flames would end up burning himself.

“Gluttony” – Gluttony is eaten, it is also a satire.

“Pornography” and “bulimia” are relatively easy to overcome compared to the other five “original sins.” This may be one of the reasons why Arakawa’s description of them in the “FA” is less than that of the other five Homunculi.


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