May 17, 2018

Inuyasha, a manga full of emotions.

The Son of Great Monster Dog General and Human Princess Izayoi, inuyasha, because of his semi-demon identity rejected by humans and monsters, in order to become a real monster, he want to get the Shikon Jewel; whereas in order to protect and purify it, witch Kikyo use the spiritual power to fight with the monster that come and grab the Shikon Jewel constantly, Inuyasha also sees the witch Kikyo desires an ordinary life. In a constant mutual understanding, the two fell in love, and eventually agreed to use the power of the Shikon Jewel to turn Inuyasha into a human, and Kikyo whose guardian mission was over could also return to ordinary life. However, unforeseen changes occurred in the agreed days. In the anger of betrayal attacked by a fake Inuyasha, Kikyo spent most of his strength stamping Inuyasha on Miki, and then died in flames with the Shikon Jewel. The tragedy kicks off here…

500 years later, an ordinary girl, Kagome Higurashi, because of the Shikon Jewel in her own body, was forced into the Bone Eater’s Well by monsters. She fell into the Warring States period 500 years after Inuyasha was sealed, and met inuyasha that was sealed on the royal wood, and unleashed the juvenile seal. In the subsequent battle with the monsters, Kagome’s arrows hit the the Shikon Jewel to make it scattered into pieces. Inuyasha who wants to become a big monster, in desperation, followed with Kagome who can see the Shikon Jewel, had to accompany him to find the falling debris, and the journey to the Shikon Jewel was started. Midway encountered Shippo, Miroku, Sango and they became partners, these partners all have a tragic experience, the father of the small fox Shippo was killed by the Leibun brothers, and he steal the soul of the Shikon souls of Kagome to become stronger, and later Inuyasha killed The brothers had revenged for Shippo. The homeless Shippo followed Inuyasha and they started the journey together to find the fragments of the Shikon Jewel. Miroku ‘s family began to fall from the grandfather’s curse of the wind cave by Naraku, and the hole on the palm of his right hand could inhale anything indefinitely. Eventually, he would even be inhaled and disappeared. Both his father and grandfather lost their lives because of this. Miroku would like to grab the four souls of the jewel and killed Naraku to lift the curse, while revenging for their families. They encountered Inuyasha here and they knew each other and went hand in hand with each other. Sango is a demon slayer. He is harmed by Naraku. The whole villager is killed. His family members are also killed by the brother-in-law controlled by Naraku. They are also provoked by Naraku and said that it was from Inuyasha, and they sought revenge for Inuyasha. After some battle with Inuyasha to understand the truth, they became friends with each other and embarked on a journey together. After that, they grew up in the struggle with Naraku.

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