May 19, 2018

Light Yagami -A mixture of justice and evil in “Death Notes”

The original intention of the “Death Notes” has never been an ethical work to discuss the concept of good and evil, but a “fantasy” cartoon of “How to survive under certain rules of the game.” All of the author’s settings are centered on how to write a more exciting and interesting story. It is quite a bit self-talking to leave this basic.

For example, you are discussing the issue of “victory is justice”. why did the author make L die from the hands of Light Yagami on earth? It is because the 1V1 battle has been discussed almost, and the author wants to introduce the multi-fighting of Light Yagami and MN.

To put it plainly, everything is “plotting needs” and “market demand.”

Although the “Death Note” is a work that subverts the traditional “protagonist represents justice, opponent evil villain” set and succeeds greatly, it does not mean that the concept of good and evil of the work itself is also confused. At the very beginning, the author decided that the story would end with Death of Light Yagami and call it “retribution”. Therefore, the behavior of Light Yagami undoubtedly represents evil.

In fact, after reading the formula book, you will find that the author’s settings are very realistic. Each character has his own position, strengths, and weaknesses like the chess pieces. The only piece that represents “justice” is the father of Light, Soichiro Yagami.

The author stated in the formula that he considers the outcome of Light lost to L in the middle of story, but in the end it is postponed to the YB warehouse. In any case, the outcome of the Light’s retribution will not change. As the author described the behavior before the death of the Light, It is also a painstaking demonstration of the extreme expression of people before death. It is therefore not the public pressure or editorial requirements that the outcome of the month has been doomed from the beginning. Even so, the author still likes the role of the Light, and considering that many people may still believe that the light is just, so in the end of the comic depicts the Kira-devout believers, is a little compensation for Light.

As for whether or not light is justice, the author is naturally left to the readers to argue and ponder. Therefore, from this point of view, the death of Light Yagami on the eve of the construction of the New World is also a time to a tee, giving readers the biggest room to imagine and argue for the new world.

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