May 15, 2018

The third season of Attacking On Titan is coming, the story continued to be wonderful.

With the reluctance to Yumair, with the sadness of Uncle Hanes, “Attack on Titan” season 2 of a total 37 episode drop the curtain. Just when the giant fans were still sad that how long the season 3 would take for us to wait, suddenly, after the end of the film, in the dark background, the season 3 of the Attack on Titans will be aired in 2018. In this case, we really do not have to wait for another four years. After all, this news appeared in the final episode of the second season. It seems that the official guarantee is not groundless. In the brief notice of the third season, you can also see the back of three people, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert seeing the sea.

The news that Attack on Titan season 3 will be broadcast in 2018 undoubtedly injected a stimulant into world’s giant fans. everyone rushed in forum and reported. If the progress can be made at a rate of one season every two years in the future, it is believed that the eventual confrontation between Allen and Marley will no longer be a distant dream.

In the second season, whether it was from burning or friendship, the performance was just to the point, so that all the audience were also applauded in front of the screen.

Although the official announcement of the third season will be broadcast in 2018, but according to the story of the second season of the animation show and the author’s creative speed, the third season will finish the comic story of the politic part at most. Many fans may worry that the politic part is boring as there is not much fierce confrontation between the giants. In fact, this kind of desperation is totally unnecessary.

Because Allen showed the original strength of the “Ancestral Giant” to defeat Reiner and others, the power of some of the real giant blood family in the wall began to plan a battle of revenge against Allen.

Allen, Krista was captured by unidentified people. Captain Levi was actually blocked by the gun in the pursuit process. Yes, you read it right, that is, revolver. Didn’t you think that there is still the world in the wall? The existence of such weapons! After dexterously avoiding a gunshot, Levi even grabbed a hand and spoke to the enemy. Suddenly, the dazzling three-dimensional flight, the splattered trajectory, and the table and chair that was shot through were like a western gunfight. And it seems that Kenny who is battle against the captain Levi is the same race as the captain. What hidden story have to say behind this scene?

Erwin was deeply involved as the Great Wall commander of the Investigation Corps. He not only set footsteps on the giants, but also masterful against the high level in the wall. In order to win the ultimate battle against the giants, the rear must be solid. However, for both Erwin and the investigation Corps, there are some vacillations in either the Garrison Regiment or Military Police Regiment. Erwin used his false news to expose the selfishness and ruthlessness of high-level at his own final judgment meeting. The shameful behavior of disregarding residents of Wall Rose made the Garrison Regiment and Military Police Regiment stand on Erwin’s side. The Regiment in the wall was finally highly unified, and the investigation corps can fight with the giants of the Marley Warrior without any worries!

The bloody storm has become a thing of the past. At present, there is already a branch story about the Marley Warrior in the comic book “Attacking on Titan” that Hajime Isayama continued to create. After Bertolt was eaten by Armin, Reiner zeke and others returned to participate in Marley’s foreign aggression fight. In the contest with the Imperial Middle East Fleet, Reiner’s armored giant were defeated by the naval guns, that also made the Marley high-level doubts about whether the power of the armored giant could adapt to the future war. While the growth of a new generation of soldiers also make reiner and zeke that the gaint near the end of their lives sign. There have been several concerns about the future of Airdi’s nation come from them in the comics. When the power of the Giants has no use value anymore, does Marley conduct comprehensive cleaning and repression of Airdia? zeke once again proposed that the war plan to recapture the ancestral giants would even be viewed by fans as a strategy for anti-water strategy. When he sold his first-person parents, he was instructed by the lurkers. In short, the latest comic book has a much less pulsating episode, and the spy scenes that make people think and guess the situation are increasing.

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